How to take measures 


The safety bar is attached to outside wall and the latches are mounted to the lintels and sill of the window in front of the safety bar that why it is important to take the measures at the right place. Normally there is an incline of the sill or lintels and there for the measures will be more long on the outside than ib the middle. If you take the measures on the inside of the room it might be longer than the outside because there are decorative frame beside the window . To do the right measurement you need to open the window and the shutter and put the measuring tape from wall to wall on the outside wall line on the sill for width and on the lintel for height. Measuring is fully safe and does not put you in danger! There is no need to lean out of the window to take the measurements . 

In any case even if you made mistake in your measurements we do not produce anything relying to them. Your safety bars are already in our storage. When we deliver we check the measurements and we always have different sizes. Only the price might change according to the real measures plus or minus 17 NIS.