About the product
Raising children is a “package deal” which often conflicts with our desires. Once we have chosen to have children we have no choice but to accept the challenges that accompanies this choice. One of the serious problems is the safety of children at home, especially falling from windows. Bars are the classic solution for kids! This is a 100% solution - as soon as we put bars on the windows (ought to put on all windows) this concern fully lifted off our hearts.

Children bars

 is a solution for rolling shutter windows or pocket shutters . Not suitable for windows with open wing shutters.

 Almost invisible. does not hide the view from the inside, and does not harm the look of the house from the outside.

 Made from steel rods with 4.5 mm diameter beam hardening. Made of galvanized material and dyed polyester oven, protecting against rust.

 Ideal for multi-story building. Quick removal during an emergency.

 Suitable for rental apartments - can be transferred easily from apartment to apartment without damaging the structure.

 Prevents burglars inhibitor occasional intrusions.

 Is a modular solution for immediate delivery (up to 180 cm width). All you need to know is the width and height of the external opening of the window. (on larger windows it is possible to place a number of bars in a row).

 Is based on the Israeli standard for rails 1142 and bars standard 1635 ( standard against falling bars only does not exist). Tested and approved by the “Technion” complying with all features except time hacking device. Document No. 12487/2081/92.