The purpose of Taf Sorag is to enable parents to raise children without experiencing the fear of fall from windows. By that we enable young parents who are afraid to take their eyes off their children even for a moment, ease their life and experience less stress. In addition to releasing parents psychological stress we are also aiming at releasing the parents’ financial resources as our prices are affordable for anyone. Our goal is to reduce the aesthetic impact associated with the inevitable installation of bars to its minimum impact required.

Taf Sorag brings the light into the house - installing Taf Sorag lets you open the windows and blinds and let the light and fresh air into the house
Taf Sorag brings a perfect affordable solution - from 99 NIS per window!
Taf Sorag is the only solution which also applicable in rented apartments and also possible to transfer from one apartment to another, making the debate on whether to "invest" in grating become totally irrelevant .

Our Cheap price also makes it possible to assemble Taf Sorag at the grandparents and allows to leave the children there without fear on both sides, both by the grandparents to take responsibility for the grandchildren as well as from parents who fear that the grandfather and grandmother are no longer able to "chase" the grandchildren. 

Taf Sorag was established in 1992 and supplied thousands of bars to this day. Taf Sorag customers are thousands of families all over the country, as well as schools , kindergartens and day care institutes , and the Israeli "Technion" where gratings are installed at the students dormitories, for the sake of students with young children. 

Taf Sorag meets all safety criteria recommended by the organization "Beterem".
Taf Sorag meets all criteria of the quality of the environment. We reduce to the minimum usage of non-biodegradable materials in product packaging.

Taf Sorag commits to the following:
A. Best Price Guaranteed!
B. Immediate delivery of gratings from existing stock!
C. we enable the customer to immediate pick up of gratings from our warehouse.
D. Taf Sorag is committed to provide customer the gratings bars within two weeks from the order date up until Ashdod and Modi’in line and within three weeks to anywhere else in the country.
E. Taf Sorag encourages to approach regarding any question regarding security, in order to remove any doubt as to safety issues. We allow customers to contact us until 2300 pm, so parents will be free to talk after the children had gone to sleep.
F. Taf Sorag is obliged to accept back any product unused indefinitely! (Excluding shipping charges)