Safety Bars Patent

Taf-Sorag Bars: 
The anchoring system of children bars to the wall is a registered patent in Israel, numbered 102009. The patent enables to produce the bars as a “shelf product” with fixed dimensions and latch rod connected to the grid frame line skater stands until it meets the frame and performs the final match for the installation of the bars. All we have to do is to provide bars from our warehouse, and make sure that’s its measurements are larger than the window. 

The fact that the production of the bars is done in fixed sizes and in large quantities, and in addition the fact that there is no need to come and measure the windows and produce an accurate size bars significantly reduces the cost of the bars. This made our bars the cheapest priced product in the country. It can be supplied immediately and it can be removed from one apartment and placed in another very easily. 


The patent was registered on May 1992 in Israel and in the United States. 

The patent was presented at show at Geneva, Switzerland and won the bronze medal. 

Winning the court case against “Soragit”
The patent was stolen by Aviad Cohen from “Soragit” and a lawsuit was filed against him, the court adopted the suit and issued an injunction forbidding him to use the patent. The court also ruled that he has to pay compensation of NIS 150,000 (for the full story, see the trial script) 


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